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Oh the Irony

I hope I’m not the only one who finds this election funny.  John McCain frequently states he's been in politics for 2o some odd years.  Another little fact is that he’s been trying to be president for twelve.  For those of you who did not care or don't remember he lost the last time to Bush's very effective smear campaign (probably why he hired his strategists for this election).  McCain's background is what makes this presidential race so funny, and if he did not resort to bush tactics, why I would feel sorry for him.
While McCain has been waiting 20 years to be president the opposite could be said about his opponent.  20 years ago Barack couldn't even be written on the ballot. McCain has a grudge against Obama and here’s why; while McCain finally gets a chance to run after so long he walks in to an almost unwinnable situation. Meanwhile Obama gets handed an election in his first term as a member of the US Senate.  Republican Party has waited this long to nominate him because of his maverick status and he will lose this election because he cannot separate himself from George Bush.  McCain is 72 years old and will never be able to run again while if Obama can do well he can spend more time as US president than as a member of the US senate.  The only part that is ironic that isn't funny is the fact that before this election McCain was well respected, but much of that earned respect is gone after the constant negative ads and the obvious swift boating that has effectively ruined an otherwise respectable career.

living up to the hype

everyday when I turn on the news all I hear from the political pundits, presidential candidates, and the political activists is that "this is the most important election that I will ever vote in" (which i disagree with because by electing Al Gore 8 years ago we would not be in this mess).  Yet all I see are the same attacking of the opponent instead of addressing of the issues.  John Mccain assured and was elected because he was a different republican and promised a clean campaign.   But how the high have the mighty fallen, he woke up today down six in the poles and a desperation to integrity rating of 3to 1.  He chooses not to bring important facts like Obama's inexpierence or his tax and plan with the economy, but instead says he "pals around with terrorists" and his vice presidential candidate (a woman we first heard of 3 weeks ago) questions if we no Barack Obama after he has been campaigning for 2 years.  Sara Palin who are you? How can McCain question Baracks experience when he chooses a woman with no qualifications. 

    As I digress I would just like to say that neither canidate is innocent and both have slung quite a bit of mud.  But the republican party has lost a lot of respect with this new angry mob type setting.  But it will be harder for the republican party to win with a vice presidential candidate ike this one instead of Dick Cheney

college sucks

tons of homework and the teacher can't even send me the fucking document.  

whats red, white and black and stuck in revolving door. 

a nun with a spear through her head.



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